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Clutch Problem intermittent shift issue

I’m having a strange issue with my manual transmission on a Jeep Cherokee. When first driving it…it shifts fine. After driving for about 30-50 miles here is what happens:

I come to a stop. Put it in neutral. Try to put it into any gear and it will not slip in…sometimes I’ll give it some gas and it will slip into gear. If that does not work I will kill the engine and then put it into gear and start it back up. With the vehicle off it shifts into any gear with ease. My initial thought is the slave cylinder. the Clutch pedal feels normal throughout the whole process…but I believe that it may be something else

To calrify the previous post…when first driving it…i can pop it in neutral when at a stop and it will shift into any gear fine

I’ve also changed out the transmission oil to synthetic as well

This is a classic case of a dragging clutch. It is probably not the slave cylinder as a failing slave cylinder will be leaking fluid or allowing air into the system requiring constant bleeding. You most likely have a failing clutch master cylinder. When the clutch is working pay attention to where the pickup point is in the pedal travel. If the pickup point is lower when you have the shifting problem, you can definitely suspect the master cylinder.

If the pedal travel does not change, you could have a dragging clutch disc caused by binding of the disc splines on the input shaft splines; a binding and/or dragging pilot shaft bearing/bushing; a problem with the pressure plate; or runout of the clutch disc.

Hope this helps.

Absolutely helps…it sounds like a dragging clutch…after looking around some more for common symptoms for clutch drag…sounds like the first possible cause of the disc splines binding on the input shaft splines…

Thanks for your help