2010 ford ranger hard shifting

My first post!
2010 Ford Ranger sport 4x4 4L standard

About 6 months ago I started having a hard time shifting into first gear while at a stop. Its like the shifter hits a wall and I have to apply hard force to get into gear. Eventually this issue got worst and shifting from first into second began giving my the same issue. Its not all the time but some days seem worst then others.
I’ve been to a couple mechanics about the issue.

The first shop replaced clutch pressure plate, slave cylinder, flywheel and pilot bearing.
This seems to have helped a bit but issue remains. I went back to this shop they pressure bleed the slave but told me it must be my Synchros.

I went to a Ford dealership for a second opinion. And they think that the clutch is not always releasing but with out dropping the transmission they could not be certain. They told me it was not the synchros. They also bleed the slave and checked for proper function.

I’ve been back to the first shop after the dealership for them to look over there work and I was gaslighted the owner told me that him and his transmission guy drove the car and they did not notice any issue. I even replicated the issue infront of him.

I’m not looking for advice on what to do about the mechanic.
I’m hoping someone reading this has had this issue and now the fix. Thanks for reading this far!

Replace the clutch master cylinder. This so painfully obvious I can’t understand either shop not doIng that.


If you can shift thru all the gears with the engine off, but not when the engine is running, the clutch master cylinder is leaking internally.


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@Tester thanks for the response.
I don’t think this is the case, fluid level had not gone down. Pumping the clutch does not fix the issue. And holding down the clutch pedal for several minutes does not cause the issue.

@Mustangman Thank you!
Master cylinder has not been replaced as far as I know. I’ll call the mechanic tomorrow and ask why this was not brought up.

Why did they not also change the master cylinder and clutch disk as well while they had it apart?

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Sorry missed a comma :relaxed:
“Clutch, Pressure plate” was replaced.
As far as I know master was not touched and never came up as a possible culprit.

Then I would say the master is the problem.

I will look into replacing the Master and report back!
Thank you all very much for the help

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Rear @Tester’s reply again! What happens with the engine off?

@oldnotdeadyet I think you mean me!

I have no issue shifting with engine off

I spoke with a service rep at ford dealership today and they do not believe it is the master cylinder.
I was told that they measured travel on the slave and it was fine.

Here is word for word what was writen on the service order after they looked at the truck.

Trans diag.
Road tested
clutch not always releasing/clutch material dragging, preventing gear engagement
clutch engagement fairly high in the pedal travel
inspected vehicle, clutch fluid reservoir good
lifted vehicle and inspected release bearing actuation, full range of motion present with vehicle off and running, slave cyl. appears proper functional
require further diag., Trans removal for further inspection of components( pressure plate and flywheel condition)


I wonder how they were able to do that?

The slave cylinder is inside the bell housing of the transmission.



Do you know if the shop used the recommended “Self Adjusting” clutch or the “Non Self Adjusting” clutch ?

A lot of people have this problem with Rangers using the “Non Self Adjusting” clutch

If they used the NON self adjusting, it will get better eventually, as the disc wears.

Self Adjusting , notice the 3 circled springs

Non self adjusting

@oldnotdeadyet that part of the conversation was with a service rep.
With your photo a can see how that would be difficult to measure. Next week I will try to speak with the technician dorectly.

I don’t know doesn’t say on the receipt

I was told it was a Ford kit they used

If the clutch master cylinder is original to the truck, it’s going to need to be replaced in the not too distant future anyway. I’ve replaced that part on my Corolla 3 or 4 times, it’s just one of the many normally wearing parts on a manual transmission vehicle. Suggest to have the CMC replaced to see if it helps the problem or not, & no other attempts to repair this problem until. If nothing else, you’ll have a new CMC installed for the future, and this may provide some clues to what’s wrong.

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@Mustangman @Tester @Renegade @It_s-Me @George_San_Jose1 @oldnotdeadyet

Bad news! Just got my ranger back for the dealership with a new clutch master cylinder and issue is still there.
Aswell I was told there is no self adjusting clutch for this year.

could it be the shifter it self getting hung up? does it only do this while running?