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Clutch on a 98 F150

I have a 1998 Ford F150, Manual transmission. It has set for 1 year. Upon driving it for the first time yesterday, it gradually came to a stop. The clutch never smelled hot or appeared to slip. Today I took the inspection cover off and found a rather large nest has been built in the clutch and pressure plate. My question is could this nest cause the throw out bearing from allowing the pressure plate to make proper contact with the clutch. The truck will move in 1st gear and in reverse as long as there is no resistance against the truck. Any help will be appreciated. Squeeky1

All of the debris in the pressure plate could be preventing it from squeezing the disc…Guaranteed slippage.
Getting it all cleaned out without pulling the tranny may be difficult…

Are you sure the “nest” is not the fibrous material from the clutch disc disintegrating? If the truck sat for a year it did so with the clutch completely engaged. I find it hard to believe that any kind of nest would have enough room to fall between the clutch components and also be able to withstand the pressure and friction therein.