Clutch oddly worn What's the prognosis DOC?

Today I’ve pulled out a 350 small block attached to a muncie 4 speed to find the clutch worn strangely. What do you all thing caused this? There’s only 3k Miles, clutch never slipped and only dumped it a couple of times :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Looks normal to me from the pictures. Why did you take it out?

If you have any concerns about the wear, put a straightedge across both the pressure plate and the flywheel and check them both for flatness…

If it doesn’t chatter, and there is no evidence of that from the pics, put it back in.

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What year Vette?


disc looks oddly worn. like its disintegrating. might be defective.

Why was the engine pulled out? Any excessive crankshaft end play?

When you ‘Dump’ it at full power it is going to slip some before ut grabs and that is what it looks like. Does not mean you have a slipping clutch.

If you are dumping the clutch, you are valuing performance over parts longevity. No sham in that, just realize that is the choice you are making. That choice started when you selected your vehicle. It is not a Cruze or a Malibu.

1973 C3 Year

On gently driven cars the clutch-disc material tends to last a long time b/c during shifts it grinds away, but very slowly. But if the clutch material gets too hot, even briefly, it will melt, going from a solid state towards a liquid state. That’d be my guess.

Tom (of Car Talk) told the story about his friend needed to borrow his long-lived car for the day. He apparently agreed before he learned she had never driven a manual transmission car before. When she returned the car at the end of the day the clutch that had lasted years for Tom, it was completely worn out, melted.