Clutch nite mare

1991 five speed Honda Civic symptom with no warning or slipage the clutch suddenly had to be forced into each gear a CPL days later it no longer engadged. Replacing clutch and plate and bearing. First problem was the clutch I bought didn’t fit tried several turns out the engine is a 1986 still can not find correct fit had to use two to make one. Then the plate not thick enough got a thicker one now it still won’t engage

That’s a tough problem to solve. It sounds like the original 1991 engine got replaced with a 1985 engine. So you got a 1985 engine w/a 1991 transmission. Perhaps when the 85 engine was fitted the shop had to customize the clutch parts to be compatible. Either you are going to have to match what was done then, or two choices

  • replace the engine w/a 1991
  • replace the transmission w/a 1985

This is going to take some sleuthing to figure out. If I had that problem first thing I’d do it make a visit to my local auto recycler and ask for advice. Those places have year to year parts cross references to help solve this kind of problem.

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