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Clutch "moan" not in the good way

I am still new to my car, but have driven manual transmissions in many many cars including other V8s with more HP &torque, but I get this sound and some tactile feedback that I’ve made a poor shift. It seems to happen when I’m in the “friction zone” at anything over 1500rpm, and I may be slipping the clutch. It sounds like a moan or a groan mmmmmraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I replaced the clutch Master and Slave, no cure. It also seems like my truck likes to have the clutch dropped at low RPM.

Any thoughts?

When you have to drop your clutch at low rpm’s it usually means your clutch or clutch plate is worn out. You need to have your clutch checked out by a good mechanic. At least your master and slave cylinder are new.

Year, make, model, mileage would be very helpful…

You guys seem to understand what “likes to have clutch dropped at low rpm means” tell the rest of the readers, please.

It’s very simple. When the clutch is worn out you can drive the vehicle if you take off slowly…very slowly. If you press the accelerator too hard all that will happen is that the clutch will slip, smoke will pour out and the burnt clutch aroma can be smelled for blocks around. “Dropping the clutch” is an old drag racer term for “letting out the clutch” or “releasing the clutch”. I’ve used this method many times after a hard run at the dragstrip just to get back to the pit area for clutch repairs.