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Clutch chirping

My girlfriend has a 2001 Subaru Forester. She just had a new clutch installed. When she got it back there is a chirping sound coming from around the slave piston assembly. The mechanic has worked on it several times and he can’t figure out what is causing the noise. I can make the chirping start or stop by moving the fork on back of the slave piston but can’t figure out why it is making this noise? Any ideas?

Could it be a faulty throwout bearing? Or God Forbid a loose clutch basket? That basket could surely make that noise as it occilated around on the flywheel. Not too many things can cause this as there arent too many parts related to the clutch…did they tighten the bolts of the tranny to enigne? Could it be an engine mount or another accesory doing a ventriliquist act of throwing a sqeaky sound at you…like a tensioner bearing squeaking or something? Hard to say.

clutch basket?! i haven’t heard that term in years.
Honda Blackbird is correct. you could have a defective clutch basket (clutch cover). there is nothing different about the subie clutches compared to all other clutches. was the clutch throw out bearing replaced?

I’m sorry…that term stays in my head from working on so many motorcycles. LOL…you guys know what I mean… Clutch housing…

I’m leaning toward the throwout bearing since, from what i understand, the fork on the back of the slave piston somehow rides on the throwout bearing but the mechanic has assured me that the throwout bearing was replaced. Do you think it’s possible that it was defective? Or maybe installed incorrectly? Don’t know, I really appreciate everyone helping out with this, so if there are any other ideas out there please chime in.