Cluster Issues

I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 Limited which I bought new in May 2005. I have had no issues until this last winter when Dallas experienced brutal cold temperatures during the winter season, colder than I have seen and I have lived here 33 years. When I would start my car the temperature gauge would not move. After I would make a couple of stops doing errands, maybe the second or third is when the gauge would move up to its appropriate place on the gauge. Well, now that it is warm, it won’t move it all. It has been like that since the beginning of summer. . The rest of my cluster works fine, it’s just the temperature gauge that won’t work. Can you recommend a reputable shop here in Dallas that I can take my car to see if my cluster can be repaired?

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I’m in San Jose so I can’t be of help on the shop recommendation. Plus that’s not something that is usually done here, except via the sites “mechanics file”.

But it’s entirely possible the cluster and gauge are fine, and something is wrong with the cooling system so it isn’t heating up correctly. A stuck-open thermostat for example. Try this. After you’ve driven the car for a few miles, turn the heater on to full max, and see if it blows out really hot air or not. Not something fun to do in Dallas in August true, but if the only thing that comes out is tepid air, suspect a faulty thermostat or something like that, rather than the cluster.