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I own a 2002 Dodge Dakota crew cab 2 wheel drive V6. I bought the truck from the original owner in excellent condition with 58K miles. I noticed that when stepping on the accelerator from a full stop (especially while turning) there’s a clunking sound and a mild thump is transmitted through the steering column to the steering wheel. I replaced the upper/lower control arm bushings, all ball joints, and tie rod ends. The tires are new, and brakes in good condition but I still have the symptoms. Several front end mechanics have experienced this while trying to diagnose the problem but couldn’t find anything. What could this be and what is the fix?

Has anyone checked for a worn motor mount on the left side of the engine?


I would have the engine mount checked. My 2001 Volvo s40 does the exact same thing and my mechanic diagnosed it as cracked engine mounts.