Clunking/whining noises while accelerating - Help

Here’s the long of the problem ('cause there is not short of it).

A couple of months ago, my 1996 Corolla started making a slight clunk noise at the moment I engaged the accelerator - and/or at the moment I let go. The noise came and went for a while.

Two weeks ago, the car started making louder repetitive clunking noises (as if something is hitting something else as it rotates and seem to come from the front driver’s side). I can feel these clunks through the floor when I drive. The noises appeared when I had only slight pressure on the accelerator, and only some of the time. I took it to a mechanic. They said they checked “everything”, but found nothing loose or worn. They test drove it and heard nothing except “engine noise” described as something to do with the engine mounts. (I know almost NOTHING about cars). I had them fix the brakes while the car was in. End part II

Part III - A few days later I drove my car again (for the first time after driving it home from the shop). The noises were louder still, so I took a detour to the shop - as per their request. They drove with me, the car stopped making the noises. Of course, when I left, the noise was back.

Part IV - A few more days later, I try to take it to them again. The noise has gotten louder, happened more often, adding the occasional whining - and it lasted longer into my accelerating. They test drove the car without me. They didn’t hear the noise. They told me the engine mounts are making the rattling noise I describe. I corrected them - the rattling noise was not what I was hearing. Apparently, they checked “everything” out again and here is what I was told…

There is too much play in the “…?” bearings. Some play is normal, but there is too much on my car. The transmission is going. Basically, the bearings need to be replaced, but it would cost less to replace my transmission. He guessed that I have a year until the transmission goes out completely. Then he handed back my keys and sent me on my way.

Granted, I know so little…but I’ve had no (other?) obvious problems with my automatic transmission. Everything I’ve researched online that sounds like the problem I’ve been having is usually explained by CV joints/boots or wheel bearings or something like that. But I can’t seem to find any identical problem.

Does anyone know what in the world could be going on?!?!?!?!

If you have a cell phone, buy a tow strap and put it in your trunk. When the car won’t go anymore call your closest freind and have them tow you’re car to your favorite repair shop And then take you home.

What’s the mileage?

Define ‘they’ please. Is this a dealership or an independent shop?

I hope it’s the latter.

Intermittent noises are sometimes difficult to locate. If the ‘thumping’ noise happens ONLY when accelerating, then you may have to vary the harshness of the accelerator when test driving with the tech in order to reproduce the noise.

If you don’t feel like crawling underneath and use a pry bar, faulty (or worn) engine and transmission mounts can be found by holding your brake pedal down firmly and working the accelerator.
If the mounts are worn, the engine will twist away from the worn mount.

However, it is not advisable to do that procedure too long.

Those worn mounts and driveline CV or U-joints can also be identified by shifting into drive and reverse with the brake on hard while listening and feeling for a slight clunk sound.

Finally, I would definitely recommend you get a second opinion from a tech who is NOT related in any form to that other shop.

Only give him/her your problem (NOT all the rest, OR the name of the place either) and let him/her assess it on their own.

“They” is an independent shop, sorry.

I did vary the intensity of acceleration while driving the with the tech. The car still didn’t make the noise. But it even made the noise as I pulled out of their lot.

The mileage on the car is about 110,000.

Seeing as I know as little about cars as I do, your suggestion to find the problem is probably very near impossible for me. But I do fully intend on taking my car to another shop - leaving out the details about the first shop. I just figured I’d see if anyone here could offer an opinion - I’m nervous driving the car with the noises it makes. It’s especially stressful having a toddler in the car with me everywhere I go.

I do not get a noise from the shifting between drive and reverse. So, I think the car is due for a second opinion. Thank you for your response. I plan to leave further information when I find out anything - just in case anyone else happens upon this problem.

Just in case anyone has been checking this post…
I finally had the engine mounts replaced - due to the insistence of two different auto shops. That solved my engine rumble which I wasn’t worried about, nor did I mention. The clunking has disappeared, but has been replaced exclusively with a squeaking noise that acts exactly as the clunking noise did. Any ideas??

We (I) figured you hadn’t found a cure and that being the reason you didn’t post back.

Other than a possible worn steering or suspension part, I’m afraid I haven’t got any more ideas on that noise. Sorry.

Take different vehicle owners (that you know) for a test drive and see if they can come up with a clue for you.

Maybe bad CV joints jolted the engine, causing the mounts to break. You may still have bad CV joint(s).