Clunking noise when put into D when parked on incline

I have a 2003 Ford Taurus. When I put my car into Drive, when it is parked on an incline, I sometimes get a loud clunking noise (as tho it’s difficult to get into gear). the steeper the grade, the louder the clunk!

This never happens when the car is on flat surface. I always have my parking brake on, and my foot on the break, when putting the car into gear. What’s going on?

Are you setting the parking brake before shifting into park when on these inclines? The proper way is to set the parking brake, release the regular brake and let the parking brake take the weight of the vehicle, and THEN shift into park.

Yes, I do set the parking brake first. I do let the parking brake take the weight of the vehicle before shifting into park.

What you are hearing is the rough release of the park pawl. This is because the parking brake is not set firmly enough, and the weight of the car is being held by the park pawl. Under those circumstances, you will get a fairly loud clunk and it can be difficult to move the shift lever from Park to Drive. If you can’t push the parking brake pedal down any further, it is time to get the parking brake cable adjusted.

Ok. Does your parking brake pedal go all the way to the floor when you depress it? If so, as VDC indicates this means that the brake needs to be adjusted.

VDC: WHOO HOOOThank you! You are the FIRST person in months to say what the resolve should be.

Yes, I set the parking brake with all my strength. And, yes, it occassionally is difficult to move the shift lever into drive from Park.

At least now I can go to my mechanic and know what it is that needs to be checked out. UN MIL GRACIAS POR TODOS!

Try this. When parked on a hill, set the parking brake and before you put it in “Park” release the service brake and see if the car moves… The car should not move at all. THEN put the transmission in park. This will prevent the “parking pawl” in the transmission from taking any load. You can set the parking brake better if you press BOTH the service brake and parking brake peddles at the same time.

When I park, I apply the parking brake, shift the car into Neutral and then release the regular brake. If the car doesn’t roll I know the brake is holding the car; if it isn’t, I apply the parking brake a couple more clicks. Then I put the car in Park.