Clunk when hitting hole/uneven road and when steering back and forth

My car 2006 Hyundai Tucson has had a clunk when driving on not perfect roads and steering back and forth (being stopped and swinging to wheel left to right). I just checked for 12 to 6 and 9 to 3 play and it’s very very minimal if not none at all. So took off the tires and looked at the tie rods, sway bar link and lower ball join and they all look intact and no play.

So I’m just wondering at this point what it may be? This has been going on for a long while. At least from november.

Maybe the rack is loose on its mounts. Have someone crank the wheel back and forth and you look and listen under the hood.

I did that when the car was lifted in the front and it didn’t make any noise.

I think it may be the struts maybe? Like, using this website: there is no squeaking or clunk like that, my noise seems to be more similar to the strut noise.

Also, maybe it’s just because I don’t hear it, but at high speeds it seem to not be there.

And it also happens not because of pot holes. Like the road is pretty flat and nice but just having a slight incline on one side causes the noise.

Swaybar links can fool you. They feel OK, but make noise anyway. Temporarily disconnect them and drive (be careful!) and see if the noise is gone. If it is, then it is the links.

Ball joints can be difficult to tell sometimes when it comes to inspecting them.

The joint may wear in a certain position but when the wheel is elevated and drops the joint changes position and may tighten up. Unfortunately, the only way of determining this is by separation of the joint and knuckle.

Another possible way is to crank the steering wheel one way and with a flashlight try to watch the joint movement while somneone inside the car turns the steering wheel back and forth slowly.

Some years ago my daughter had a Mitsubishi under a Recall for ball joint failure. The joints were deemed good and 2 weeks later the driver side broke; slashing the tire in the process. Thankfully it happened as she turned a corner slowly into the drive.

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Geez, I was worried at first about my ball joints failing when driving but then I got reassured yesterday but now with your story I’m worried again lol.

I also start to hear a clunk or metal knock noise when hitting brakes at a certin force. It doesn’t do it when I don’t move.

I guess I might aswell change the ball joints are the price they sell them for since loosing a balljoint is pretty dangerous and I’ll see if it still does the noise.

You were close! Turns it was the sway bar bushings. Went to a shop since I really didn’t know anymore and wanted to make sure my ball joint won’t break while driving.