Clunk, bang, rattle

I have a 2005 KIA Sorento and yesterday when I started it at the gas station it was missing really bad, (first time ever) and by the time I drove it about one mile back to house and tried restarting after about a half hour it sounded like chunks of metal in the engine (not sure but sounded like the back and front of engine, could be wrong). does it sound like maybe timing belt or lifter or what? And how can I determin without tearing into the engine? Any clues?

If the timing belt broke it would not run, but slipping could cause things like you are hearing. I would not assume that was it however. Do you have a CEL (Check Engine Light)? If so codes may be read and the results likely will point to one or more possibilities.

It is really difficlt to tell from here.

I don’t think I would try to drive it as it is.

no check engine light, starts right up, just clunks and bangs like hel*. has right at 90000 miles,