Clicking noise / no start / argh!

95 toyota pickup, 22RE engine 4wheel drive.

When the key is turned there is a very fast clicking noise under the hood. (I’m pretty sure it is coming from the relay box.) The engine does NOT turn over. I have cleaned the battery terminals and ground to frame. Is it the relay or do I need to do all the tests on the starter motor to be sure that that isn’t the problem? Or do I try and jump it to rule out power/battery?


How old is the battery? Make sure the battery is good first. Clicking while trying to start often indicates a weak battery.

The clicking relay is the classic sign of a bad connection to the battery or a weak charge on it. Getting a jump start or charging the battery should get you going if the cable connections are ok. Internal corrosion of the battery cable wire is a possiblility also. Once you get it going I suggest you have a load check done on the charging system to verify the condition of the alternator and battery.