Clever Dodge Hornet TV Commercial

Saw if for the first time within the past couple of days.

Starts off like a science fiction story,

Person 1: “look out, the hornets are invading!”,
Person 2: “those aren’t ordinary hornets, those are engineered hornets!”

Next scene: A bevy of new Dodge Hornets driving down the road … lol …

A small Dodge SUV called the Hornet is coming for the 2023 model year that shares its platform and powertrains with the spunky Alfa Romeo Tonale.

If it had a Red Eye in it I would be impressed…

If it’s an Alfa knockoff as implied in Dave’s URL, it’ll be one of the best looking Crossovers on the side of the road.

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Its Stellantis/Alfa background is sure to provide reliability that is… sub par.


Almost bought an AMC Hornet in the 70’s. Ended up with a Nova. Surprising Dodge woulduse the Hornet model name. I suppose they own it.

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The Hornet went out of production around 46yrs ago, Chrysler bought what remained of AMC along with Jeep around 1987

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When I visited the Chrysler museum ( now closed ) they had two Hudson Hornets on the floor. 52 or 53 models I think, not the 55-56 abominations.