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Clearance hole internal thread

Hi people , before I go on about this question , please don’t bother relying if your on here to moan about the questions I have already put on. To be quite honest I am getting allot of information from some people as they are actually giving me information and not moaning.

I remember someone on here mentioning about clearance gap a while back was wandering if you were to increase the clearance the gap from the set clearance would it alter it in anyway.

Could you clarify that a bit? What clearance gap? On what part or assembly? And why would you want to increase this gap?

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OK, as I wander around here I won’t rely on anything.


OK - :weary:


Please learn to spell wonder and wondering. The first few times you misspelled it, it was kind of amusing. Now it is merely irritating. The rest of your post conveys no meaning. Is English your first language?

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Well, you need sufficient clearance to get the tootsie roll in the center of the pop. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, what the heck are you talking about? You expect a serious answer to a short post with no subject full of gobbledygook? You can do better than that. Do so and we’ll provide serious guidance.

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I suspect this is a followup question about pitch size on bolts.

The question is a little hard to understand, but I think the info Matt is looking for is: Increasing the clearance increases the looseness, making it easier to strip the hole.

But sometimes a loose fit is what you want as in a bolted fixture that operates at very high temperatures. But that is by design and done during the manufacturing process. It would ill advised to alter the bolt hole AFTERWARDS - unless you had a specific reason to do so.

Yes, bolt holes do wear, but rarely do they need to be redone (as in a helicoil).

I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to ascertain, but it seems you want to know if increasing the clearance gap in something would alter it?

As a general rule, any time something is changed (increased, decreased, color changed, hardness changed, temperature changed, etcetera…) then it would be altered.

Change means to make different.
Alter means to make different.
Alter and change are synonyms.

They don’t call me “common sense answer” for nothing!
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(CSA pointing at his head and exclaiming, "Kidneys!" )

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