Clear coated wheels

on an aluminum oem rim…what will remove the clear coat? solvent/chemical/product?


what year did ford go from a 5 bolt wheel on half tons to a 6 bolt wheel?

Use a solvent. A product called Xylene will strip most finishes, although not by design. It is the carrier/thinner used for moisture-curing polyurethane, which is about as tough a finish as you can get. The finish on your wheels will likely be a thin coating of a simple clear coat enamel. Xylene should remove it easily.
This product is available in most big home center stores. It should be brushed onto the wheels and you will see the finish just bubble off. Wipe off the bubbling finish with rags and reapply the Xylene, repeating until the finish is completely removed. Avoid contact with skin, wear gloves and respiratory and eye protection using this product.
I don’t know the answer to your second question.

I believe Ford went to the six lug wheels with the body redesign in 2004.