Cleaning interior

How can I safely clean a headliner without having it delaminate? I’m afraid that vacuuming and/or shampooing will cause the cloth to separate from the foam backing. I’ve had several cars do this even without attempting to clean, but I recently bought a used 99 Suburban that is grubby inside & needs a thorough cleaning. THanks

Eyes On The Road. Stop Looking Up There. I’m Sure This Car Was A Bargain Or You Wouldn’t Have Bought A Grubby Car. Clean What You Can. Drive It.

Good advice, I won’t sweat the small stuff! You are obviously a person of great wisdom! Still, if anyone has successfully cleaned a headliner without damaging it, I would be interested in your method. Thanks again!

Take it to a detail shop. They know how to clean a car without damaging anything.

Thanks, I’m considering that option as well. However, my daughter offered to clean it for a price, to keep the money in the family, so I’m also considering giving her that opportunity. She’s a good kid, and meticulous with details when she sets her mind to something. But again, I’m sure it would be in good hands with the professionals. Thanks for the suggestion.