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Cleaning belt pulleys 2005 Honda Civic

I recently ordered serpentine belt and power steering belt for 2005 Civic to replace the original ones.

I haven’t started the project yet but looking at the pulleys, they look a little bit dirty and rusty. I’m was thinking of using some soapy water with toothbrush and rag to clean after I take the belts off.

My question is after the pulleys are clean can something bet wiped on the pulleys to prevent oxidation (rust) such as light coat of oil wiped dry? I understand that lots of oil is not good for most rubber and will attact dust but a little bit of oil to fill the pours of the metal, then wiped dry, is that recommended?

I say cleaning good - putting anything on the pulleys bad .The car will dead before the pulleys rust away.

Just clean the pulleys with brake parts cleaner and install the belts.


If you drive the car, rust in the important areas will not form to any great degree. Rust in areas un-touched by the belt won’t matter.

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Absolutely do not put oil anywhere near the belt or pulley!

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ok thank you.