Classified car ads

Is it me, or do some car dealer ads insult you?

Recently my gf and I have been looking at newer used cars for her. Most of the online ads for them are a bit high, as expected. However, some ads border on insulting.

Some websites list price highest to lowest. When a lower priced car ad is clicked on you discover small print saying $3,995 down etc. Or, my favorite: the cars in our ads may not have been inspected prior to being listed for sale. Any needed maintenance/repair/reconditioning will be added to the list price.

Do these ads turn you off too? When I see something like that I just close the ad and keep looking.

Though I posted in general discussion. Sorry.

There seem to be plenty of shenanigans that can be played. Like you, I just move on to the next ads. I always like it when someone says, “Call” for the price. Not gonna happen. I want to know the details and price online. All others get screened out.

Or the ad that says “only 1 car available at this price”

You have to become very thick-skinned when shopping for a car. The only believable thing is that the pesron has a car for sale and it is a certain make and model. The mileage is now by law to be accurate, but even that can be altered by buying a low mileage odometer from a wreck and installing it in a high mileage car. You also have to make sure the car has a clear title (no liens).

Buying a used car from ads is work, and it takes a lot of phone calls to know how to “filter out the noise” and get the few grains of truth out of the owner.

The real job starts when you interview the owner (if he/she IS the owner). That task is as important as testing and inspecting the car.

What ticks me off is the newspaper ad that sounds like mom & pop selling their car.
When you call…IT’S A DEALER !

Ads are just to try to get you on the phone or in the store. They’re not so much about providing “information.”

I would avoid dealers altogether. Go to your local craigslist and classifieds from regular folk. Keep a trustworthy mechanic handy to look cars over for you. This is also a lot of work - but much less sleazy and save a lot of $$.

Agree; the last used car I bought from a dealer was a 1948 Dodge in 1958. It was a dog. Since that I’ve always bought from private parties and gerally had good luck and paid considerably less. Dealer warranties on used cars are not worth very much!

Ken, Realtors Are Forbidden To Advertise That Way Without Identifying Themselves As Sales People. Maybe Car Dealers Should Grow Some Ethics.

What Ticks Me Off Are Delaers That Advertise Cars As Monthly Payment Dollar Amounts.

Some of these clowns use something like 72 months.

I pay cash for everything. Cut the crap and tell me what you’re “asking”.

Anyways, I’ve got a brain. If I wanted to make payments I could amortize my own loan! Idiots.


Yeah, that always gets me too. You got “Only $199 a month!!!11!1!” in type 7 font, with the $199 in bold italics. Then, in -1 font it says “subject to credit approval for 72 months. based on top tier credit score only. $9999 due at signing, tax & title not included.”