Classic "too fast for conditions"

From a friend with a dash cam:

Yep… but bad luck he hit that pole. A friend did that, got yanked out of the field by a farmer’s tractor, and drove his Metro for years more.

If he’s OK, he’ll remember that accident for years.

But, will he slow down ?

Probably too fast for worn tires.


Further proof you can get away with violating the politicians’ laws sometimes, but not the laws of physics.

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Will he slow down?

The Magic 8 Ball says… “My sources say no”.

Driver walked away from that.
Looks like it lost most of its velocity before hitting the pole.

Nothing slows down a car like driving through some standing water in a ditch.

I remember the manager of a Costco tire department telling me that their busiest times are on rainy days. Many people who had ignored their badly worn tires suddenly realized the urgency of the situation when their car hydroplaned, and they rushed-in for new tires.

Exactly , it wasnt raining very hard .He had the wipers on intermittent .

Hydroplaning knows no mercy.

lol The telephone pole did a pretty good job, too.

True, but look at that rooster tail. I’d say he was driving thru heavy standing water.