Classic Saab 900 Convertible: Rust Rear Quarter Panel

Hi there. Yet again, I’m looking at a classic Saab 900T Convertible. The car is in wonderful condition. Low miles. Engine pristine. Turbo, exhaust, clutch, transmission, brakes all new. Interior and roof also equally nice. This car has definitely been well cared for. However, there is rust in the left rear quarter panel. There is some bubbling under the rear window. Also some bubbling at the door seam and at the seam of the trunk. He said it was from a faulty repair of the panel 5 years ago. It’s been garaged, so it hasnt gotten any worse according to the seller. I’m going to have it looked at by a mechanic, but I wanted to pose the question here first. How much would something like this cost to fix? He was quoted $750 - $1500. Thanks.

That bubbling paint is like an iceberg. What you see on the surface is only 30% of the rust that’s actually there. And this means the body is rusting from under the paint. So unless you’re willing to pay someone to cut out the rusty metal and weld in new metal, the car doesn’t sound like something I’d spend my money on.


This is a used car, not a classic. Old Saab turbos can require LOTS of work, I wouldn’t recommend them.

You should also pass on this for reasons other than the rust.
What struck me is why you have a SAAB here that you describe as “low miles, pristine, well cared for, been garaged, etc” and it has a new engine, transmission, and clutch.

SAAB builds great engines, transmissions, and clutches so if all of these items have been replaced on a pristine, low miles car with new (and the word “new” is often used loosely) then this means the prior owner(s) have been flogging this car into the pavement.