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Classic Car Purchase - Help!

I’ve got my eye on a car that’s in Prophetstown Illinois. I’m in Renssealaer New York - 1,000 miles away. I need somebody from that area who can inspect the car and give me an objective opinion of the car’s condition. It looks beautiful in the picture but I’m not prepared to spend big bucks on something I’ve not seen in person.

There are many forums dedicated to all sorts of vintage car brands. Ask the question there as well, as you’ll run into more people that are intimately familiar with a specific type of car.

Very good response.

I would never buy a vehicle that I could not check out in person. If it’s a high dollar vehicle then it may be worth the plane ticket to go and check it out yourself.

I found this at the Hemmings URL:

Check it out and see if it makes sense for you.

Depending on the amount involved, @missileman is absolutely correct.
I bought cars using a go between but wasn’t out to buy anything perfect, counting on the fact they needed work. My only concern is that they were rust free and thus used friends of mine that knew what I was looking for.

If I was after a car that was done or high dollar, a plane ticket would definitely be in order.

The answer is right before your eyes. On the link you provided look on the rt side that states “peace of mind etc”.

If you buy that package an inspection company is hired to inspect the vehicle. A company I used to work for does this. I only inspected 3 of these types of vehicles. It’s a good inspection but normally the inspector has no access to a lift so you might get a good deal or there might be a hidden flaw. Any car purchase is a gamble.

@Yolo - how much money is this car? Big $$ = take a trip, small $$ = find an inspector. Maybe use the ‘mechanics files’ link (at the top of this page) to find a mechanic near the car and pay to have them make a ‘house call’ and take a look, or use an inspection service.

Yolo, for what purpose are you buying this “classic”? And what year is it?

True “classic” cars are bought as investments or hobbys. The first requires a thorough investigation, including checking the car out in person and having it assessed, the second requires a willingness to spend lots of time and/or money to restore the vehicle.

Anything bought to drive daily should not IMHO be bought long-distance. Too risky. If it were really a good value they’d just sell it locally. And if you are looking for a daily driver, you should look locally.

I provided the link, not the OP. Am I missing something in your post?

You did not miss anything but I did. Sorry about that.

But still there are companies that will inspect for potential buyer.

No sweat. I just wanted to make sure.