Clarity, Honda?

I saw an auto on a nearby driveway labeled “Clarity” charging. Was it a Honda?

Also, there was a youngster on a bike nearby which got me to thinking about using a stationary bike to recharge a vehicle while exercising.

I wonder how much effort it would take to recharge a vehicle with a stationary bike?

In less time then it took to logon and post here Google could have answered your question about the vehicle.

The Clarity is a Honda.

If you wanted to charge a car with a bike powered generator, it would take you a couple of weeks to several months to do one day’s charge. Depending on your level of fitness.


Yes, that is Honda’s current hybrid sedan. I would caution you against buying one, however, because Honda’s record of reliability with their hybrids has significantly lagged Toyota’s excellent reliability record with its hybrid models.

Could you even produce enough amps/volts for the car to accept charging from a bike?

Maybe you could put peddles on a motorcycle, start it up and charge it that way :grin:

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That should not be that bad.
Assuming bike generated 250 Watts or so, recharging Clarity’s 17 KWh battery would take 17,000 / 250 => 68 hours :slight_smile:

Or, even better, put pedals on a motorcycle!

Yes I know it was wrong for some reason the auto correct put that in, didn’t feel like doing an edit

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I wonder if it would take less energy to recharge the generator with a stationary bike, or just ride a bike everywhere.

Or pedal the Honda. Nah!

Imagine the hybrid car with 4 pedals: gas, brake and two to apply torque directly into a drivetrain…
Go to Patent Office… fast! :slight_smile:

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I’ll call it the Honda Clarity “Peloton Edition”. Easy money!


That’s why I said “depending on your level of fitness” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

68 hours of bike riding is a lot of bike riding! At 10 mph, that’s 680 miles! Almost 1/3 of the Tour de France!

And that is just for the plug-in-hybrid Clarity, the the full 50 kW-hrs of the Tesla Model 3!

I dunno, but ever had one of those generators on your bike to run the headlight?? It drags so much that going back to a battery headlight is well worth it. Can’t imagine trying to generate 220V to power a welder (oh I mean car generator). What’s wrong with us?

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And then we’d have one less site visitor and we’d be one step closer to closing the doors. I really wish you’d stop haranguing people for asking car questions on a site dedicated to talking about cars. I like this place and don’t want to see it shuttered.


What we need to do is put electric vehicle chargers outside of fitness centers, and hook them to a load-leveling power supply fed by the exercise bikes. Then you could charge your customers twice. Once to exercise, and once to charge their cars.

Now that’s a business model! See you guys later, I’m heading off to Shark Tank. :wink:


You are an astute businessman. May I invest though we disagree sometimes? Another idea is to cut the cable on the house and run the power requirements with an exercise bike. Each member of the family takes a shift until night. Needs a little work but I think it has promise too.

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Nice idea with the fitness centers. But, we don’t have to stop with exercise bikes. I’m thinking treadmills, stair masters, pretty much every exercise machine. All we need is a good slogan. Something about saving the planet as you strengthen your physique…but catchier…

You could put little gauges on the machines that show the power you’re generating as you work out. “Brah, I just busted out a 10 kilowatt set”.

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All this discussion about generator bikes just makes me think of this…



Too bad for me. I paid around $250 for our Schwinn Airdyne about 25 years ago. Just taking up space-like brand new. No one would take it. SA, thrift shop, etc. Couldn’t give it away. Finally put it out at the end of the driveway on city garage sale day with a free sign on it. Guy finally took it. So now for me to work on generating power for my house I’d have to go track it down again or buy another one. Not gonna happen.