Civic 96 Radiator question

Hello! I have Civic 96 with manual transmission. I just noticed that the upper radiator hose is a little flat when the engine is cold, and when the machine is getting hot, the upper hose is not hard like there is not enough pressure. I can press it easily. Temperature gauge shows normal temperature, no overheating. Coolant is circulating when I test it. Should I worry about it? My friend told me the thermostat is the problem. How do I test it?

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Replace that hose.


The hose is probably getting soft due to age. I agree with Tester. I’d replace it, and check the lower and heater hoses too. I would ALSO replace the radiator cap as it may be causing too much vacuum and not enough pressure to develope in the system.

I replaced the Radiator cap already and it didn’t help. I will try to replace the hose. Thanks Tester and MG McAnick.

I just worried it will give problem when summer and want to be prepare before it give more problem to the car. My friend told me not to worry since there is no overheating.