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Civic 08 vibration/ noise with AC turned on during idle

Hi all,

I need help regarding my 2008 Civic LX 4D. Car has about 72k miles on it and I am the original owner. For past few months the engine makes intermittent rattling noise with vibration every 20-30 seconds when car is on idle and AC is on. It goes away when either car is running or AC is off. It happens only with combination of AC turned on and car on idle. Additionally, I “recharged” my AC with AC Pro about 3 weeks ago as AC cooling goes down after 30-40 mins of running that did not make any difference in cooling or noise/ vibration.

Thoughts/ solutions? Thanks.


Sounds more like an idle air control valve problem.

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This car has throttle-by-wire and doesn’t have an idle air control valve. A good throttle body cleaning couldn’t hurt, however.[quote=“arpan.doshi, post:1, topic:104643”]
AC cooling goes down after 30-40 mins of running

Maybe the evaporator is icing up. After being off for an hour or so, does the cooling return?