Citroen C1

I need some help. I’ve recently purchased a Citroen C1 as my first car but every time I go over speed bumps with 3/4 people in the car it scrapes. I don’t know what to do about this. Is it just the fact it’s a little car ? Is there anything I can do to solve this problem as I don’t want to damage the car.

You didn’t tell us whether this is a brand-new car, or if it was purchased as a used car.
If it is brand-new, then I think you have to assume that this problem is characteristic of the C1.
On the other hand, if it is a used car, it is possible that the struts or shocks are badly-worn, and that they need to be replaced.

First thing to do is check the pressure in all 4 tyres. If they’re low fill them to the manufacturer’s specification for a fully loaded C-1. Try that.

Second thing to try is to look under the car for evidence (scraps and or shiny metal) of what it is that is scraping and see if it’s attached correctly or can be repositioned a bit. Try that.

Third thing to try is to have some of the passengers get out and walk past the speed bumps. Don’t forget to stop and let them back into the vehicle. Try that.

Fourth thing to do is to avoid speed bumps. Try that.

Thing 5… Feel the magic!

They don’t call me common sense answer just because of my good looks!

While I’m not too familiar with Citroens I do understand that many models have a lift system that among other things raises the car for urban/suburban driving and lowers it significantly for high speed highway driving. That make remains quite unique in a great many ways even though everyone these days seems to have front wheel drive models which Citroen lead in the development of. The outer CV joint used on virtually every FWD automobile available these days seems to be a Citroen developed model.

The C1 is a subcompact like the Fiat 500 and is so inexpensive that it is unlikely to have the lift system. It is also built in conjunction with Toyota and Peugeot, and they wouldn’t use a lift system.

@Clairetess, how fast do you go over those traffic humps? You may need to slow to 10 kph or less to get over without bottoming out if you don’t do that already. Maybe you should find other roads to ride on if you can. And yes, it is likely because the car is so small. You may be approaching the weight limit for the C1 with a full passenger load.

We don’t have access to that make of new car in the USA as far as I know. I see a few used ones once in a while. I think the older classics had an unusual suspension that used spheres containing a special hydraulic fluid. If you car is a classic and equipped with those spheres, that could well be the problem. If so, contact your closest Citroen classic car club. Folks there will know what your options are, as most of them have already faced the broken sphere suspension problem before.

The C1 is a modern one, conventional suspension

Not enough information was given …


Without knowing the model-year it’s not possible to tell if this lift “kit” (spacers) will fit your car…

The car is 2009. It’s going in for a service this week so hoping that will detect any problems with suspension

The car was so inexpensive when new that worn struts/shock absorbers isn’t surprising. Tell the mechanic about your bottoming out problem and see if they can provide a more robust set.

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