Citroen backfires

I have a 1987 Citroen 2 CV that backfires and misses with any acceleration. Have replaced the battery, alternator, volt reg with no improvement. Has electronic ignition and is 12 volt system. What is wrong??

Usually everytime an engine backfires that is an indication of a timing related issue. It is getting gas at the wrong time to the wrong cylinder or in the wrong place. Have you checked the firing order and ensured the wires are correctly hooked up? You for sure have a secondary ignition problem related to plugs, wires, coil dist. etc. Have you checked the dist cap to ensure it is installed correctly and there are no cracks or carbon traces? Are the wires all good, not grounding out against the block or other engine grounds? Has the car been recently worked on? How long has this problem been going on?

Here’s a 2CV forum that might also help:

Thanks…I checked it out, sounds like the right place to ask these questions.

This is a 2 cylinder, air cooled, electronic ignition, 12 v system. Yes the car was recently restored and the problem has been from the beginning. The car idles fine, but with any acceleration it backfires, especially when warm. So I will check plugs, spark plug wires and wires that might be grounding on the engine. Thanks. Kate