Cincinnati man bought 350 lbs. of nails. Scattered them on roads

He must of had stock in a few tire shops around the areas… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

In further news, tire shops in that area all hit there quota for tire sales, plus some…


Cops Nail Highway Nuisance with Ultra-Violet Spray…

Drivers Tired of Flats, Want The Criminal Nailed…

Judge Hammers Home the Danger to The Culprit…

Perp Bonds Himself Out of Jail with a 10P Payment…

Residents Want the Man on the Cross with a Handful of Evidence…


Residents want to face the Perp with Nailguns at 10 paces…

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Where do I sign-up?

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Sign ups at the Cincinnati Nail Salon… a different KIND of nail salon :laughing:

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Pretty tack-y if you ask me…

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It is always a sad/bad day for anyone picking up a nail or whatever and getting a flat, and I never wish it on most anyone, but on the flip side it can be funny… hey, when I blew up my torque converter and it cost me a lot of money and time, complete rebuild with mods, I just sat on the hood of my car waiting for someone to stop and tow/pull me to my house 0.5 miles away and laughed about it, it was a guy in a truck that had seen the car before and wanted to ask me about it, well he pulled me home and we talked for a while… lol

The best or worst one (depending) was a Mustang that ran over a box of nails that fell off the back of a truck, very close to our shop, she came rolling in with 4 flats, a total of 20-25 nails in her tires, with 14 in one of the rear tires alone… A few minutes later after she calmed down, she just laughed and said what can you do… I sold her road hazard on all 4 new tires and gave her a great deal on the whole package… lol

I pick up nails and screws from the road surface almost daily. I presume they mostly fall off construction trucks. Usually it is a one or two thing, but sometimes find 20-200 at the same place. Probably an entire box of nails fell off the truck. I’ve never found the box though. Good for the police to catch the offender, we definitely don’t need any more nails beyond those that accidentally fall off.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was gathering about 50 nails from the road that were strewn across a pedestrian crosswalk. Several drivers approaching aggressively honked at me to get out of the way, even though I was in the crosswalk. As there were still lots of nails on the road, I obliged … lol …

It would be interesting to know what exactly motivated this fellow to throw nails on the road? I’m not aware of any nail incidents, but we had a few incidents here where someone was putting containers of paint on the road. Usually it was a paper cup full of paint. Not sure if the intended victim was the gov’t (who owns the roads, and would have to clean up the paint) or other drivers (who might get paint on their cars).

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Just like OJ was charged for civil damages, I suspect the guy can be made liable for all the tires he damaged. He would be paying them off for years and liability insurance doesn’t cover criminal acts, if he even had insurance.

Sorry. I didn’t know OJ died. Saw it on the news.

However, I would like a DB5 with all the accoutrements 007 had, dump an oil slick on the road. The passenger ejection seat would have come in handy.

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Can the same be done for the damage caused by road salt?

I got a lawn mower where someone drove the front wheels over thorns. About 30 thorns in each wheel that I had to remove. I put an inner tube inside each one. The problem is the valve isn’t exactly in the right spot and it can get sucked inside the rim. Can they do the same for a car tire?

From the article:

In reality it will make the roads safer since a lot of the people driving around with dangerously worn down tires were forced to replace them.

For crying out loud what is wrong with you ? You have yet to make a logical post.



Replaced way more than that, and we could NOT repair any pursuit vehicles tires period… Pursuit tires are in the $400+ range, but we had a contract with the state and they only paid a little over $100 each, cost of the tire was over $300… It was a P100 national account thing…

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Back in the days when I worked as a gas jockey at a station on the NJ Turnpike, we had to take care of the tires on the trooper cars if they couldn’t make it to the central motorpool. The NJ State Police used Goodyear Blue Streak racing tires on their Chrysler New Yorker pursuit cars, and if they were punctured, they had to be discarded, rather than being repaired. A couple of the guys who worked at the station were able to get some of those really expensive tires, repair them, and use them on their own cars.