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Cigarette lighter only lights cigarettes

What he said. But more. Look into the possibility that part of the equipment that came with your GPS is defective. This could be inside of the GPS box, but first (you have a multimeter or continuity tester, right?) check the plug end that goes into the lighter, the plug end going into the GPS box, and the connection between them.

The question to ask is, what is different? You know the lighter works. Have you checked the GPS cord in the Camry recently?

Lighter =|>-----------------<|= GPS

Probably an easier way is just to plug it into another car and see if it works there.

The other car would be the continuity tester, albeit an expensive one.

True, but you probably wouldn’t have to purchase a second car for this test, unless you’re friendless and/or can’t talk someone in the parking lot at Wally World into letting you try it.

The lighter works so its getting power.

I’m sure the lighter plug and gps plug are two different sizes. Find an adapter that makes the two compatible.

Was that a slam at me? Wow.

Not really a slam. More an (admittedly feeble) attempt at humor and reply to your comment about the second car being an expensive tester.


I agree with oblivion. Try another vehicle. Why has nobody questioned if the GPS power cord is defective?

Almost every time I replace a fuse to a power outlet, it is because the accessory cord or device being plugged in blows the fuse to the outlet.

Sorry to reiterate, but I feel the need. I have a gps that only works in the power point, not the cigarette lighter. The cig lighter is not bad, but using an extension or splitter as described above allows the gps to work in the new socket. The splitter or extension, a $5 part works for me. Sure you could go through the time and trouble to add a powerpoint, but this solution works for me as it should for you, with a whole lot less trouble!