Chugging/lurching when accelerating

I have a 2000 Isuzu Redeo, 5-speed, 4wd, V6. I just had the throttle sensor replaced and the car ran fine for about a month. Now it’s chugging/lurching when I accelerate and it is missing when idling. Check engine light flashes when driving.

i would stop by an auto parts store and have them read the code that is triggering the Check engine light. most of them will do this service for free. hopefully having that done will point you in the direction of the problem.

A steadily illuminated Check Engine Light (CEL) means that you should have the codes checked as soon as is convenient. A flashing CEL is a warning of a much more serious problem, and if you continue to drive this vehicle, you will likely make the situation more expensive to repair.

I would strongly suggest that you drive directly to a competent mechanic to have the problem(s) diagnosed a.s.a.p., because repairs that are deferred frequently are much more expensive than repairs that are done on a timely basis.