Chrysler Transmission

When I pull up to a stop sign, sometimes the tranny will not automatically downshift and have to do it manually. It is also hesitant when shifting into reverse. any suggestions. this is in a 88 voyager.

Is the transmission fluid at the correct level? Has the fluid ever been replaced?

How many miles on this vehicle?

yes yes and about 100,000

It sounds like it is just worn out and in need of an overhaul. While the downshifting issue sounds like the governor is either worn or sticking, the reverse issue is something totally different like a worn clutch piston seal in the front clutch or a worn pump. Its 20 years old and its tired, you are probably going to have to decide whether its worth it to you to overhaul the trans. These 3 speeds can be done relatively cheap.


3sp or 4sp.
3 wer mechanical and not prone to problems.
4 are electromechanical, and given the year and age, it should have failed by 60Kmls.

If 4sp, it is higly likely the Lock up clutch (LUC) is not disengaging. probably the LUC valve solenoid.

As for REV, that is mechanical… probably some wear in a 1-way valve in the valve plate or possibly the same sticking valve.
You coudl try a complete ATF flush (What ATF are you using ATF +3, +4 or some backyard elixer of Dexron + modifiers?)

I think the 3sp uses Dexron and the 4sp ATF+3, and the last 2 should never be used for that box.

Its a 3 speed, the 604 didnt come out until late 89. Reverse is very basic on an automatic. Delay in reverse means there is a loss of pressure. This is due to a leaking front clutch assy or a reverse PR valve in the pump. I, personally would not waste $150 on a flush.