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2011 Chrysler Town & Country - Starting issues

At various time the car won’t start. You can hear the starter gear engage but almost instantly disengage. Starter and battery have been replace along with tipem board. The car has been towed 6 times because it won’t start for my wife only to start upon arrival at the repair shop. If you put the ignition in the start position and place the transmission in reverse or neutral, then turn the ignition off and then put the transmission back in park it will start up. The non-starting problem is infrequent and of course it won’t happen for the mechanic at the Chrysler dealership. Our regular mechanic has installed a seperate starter button temporarly to by pass the electronics so the car can be started if the normal way does not work.

Looking for ideas to cure this problem and keep wife happy!

May be a faulty Transmssion position sensor

Thank you, we are leaning that way but want to see others experiences.