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Chrysler Town&Country Whine

1997 Town and Country. On start up, a high-pitched whine is coming from the rear of the vehicle whether stopped in park, or moving in any gear at any speed. When accecelerator is added, whine stops. As soon as pedal is eased, the whine resumes. It is loud and disturbing. What is it? Catalytic converter? Pitch and volume of whine doesn’t vary with motion or speed, only with application of accelerator and even then pitch and volume remain constant.

Thanks for any assistance.

Dave C.

Jackson, Wy.

Your fuel pump is saying “bye-bye”.

I agree.
And, NYBo, your decription gave me a laugh. Thanks.

Thanks; didn’t thihk of the fuel pump. Also, when I shut the ignition off, the “whine” winds down and stops several seconds lafter engine shut off.