Chrysler Town and Country underbody rattle

I have a 1999 Chrysler T&C which has developed a significant rattle coming from the undercarriage. This sounds like a piece of metal banging against some other piece of metal and is quite loud and rattles whe I go over even the smallest bump. Here is the interesting thing. If the brakes are applied (even slightly), the rattle goes away. My mechanic checked it out and said he can not locate the source but tells me the brakes seem to look OK. When the car is off and I try to make it rattle or find anything loose on the undercarriage, I can find nothing. Any thoughts?? I do know the emergency brake is disconnected, but I don’t know if this would cause this type of rattle.

Open the window and drive slowly with your head out and see if it is coming from the wheel area. I had the same problem on a Ford Windstar van and it turned out to be the pads were loose and banging into the calipers. Have you had brake work done recently?

i had to replace the sway bar links. they cost 119 a piece, and 200 labor.

One common problem is loose rear brake stuff for whatever reason on these models. Why was the e brake disconnected?