Chrysler Town and Country not shifting

My wife’s town and country had its serpentine belt replaced. Now it won’t go past second gear and is running 3.5 rpms at 40 mph. What do I do?

Coach, You Sure Have Your Share Of Car Problems.

What Do You Do?
It’s Like Saying “My Foot Hurts, What Do I Do?” That Depends…
I Don’t Think The Shifting Problem Relates To The Serpentine Belt, But Take It Back To That Mechanic And Ask For A Diagnosis.


Check the fuses if the power distribution center. There should be a fuse titled ‘transmission’ or transmission solenoids’. If this fuse opens, the transmission goes into ‘limp home’ mode which is Reverse and 2nd. It is a cheap fix for a sick transmission.

If this does not help, have a capable transmission specialist scan the Transmission Control Module for codes. If the TCM has a problem with a sensor or otherwise cannot decide how to drive the clutch valve solenoids it will revert to ‘limp home’ mode.

I am not sure what year your car is, but certain generations of these are prone to the shift solenoid going bad. It is $100 part and easy to change, so make sure you don’t pay for a full overhaul unless you have 2-3 opinions.