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Chrysler TC Maserati 1989 - head gasket

I have a 1989 Chrysler TC Maserati. A real beauty. Alas the head gasket needs to be changed, which would cost me about $1,500 says my mechanic, because of the labor this process demands.

Should I just get rid of the car?

Is it worth fixing?

I cannot possibly afford the repair, but I am even afford LESS to buy another car. And I live in LA…

Is it worth fixing? The car is unique for a Chrysler but I’m not sure if it has any “collectible” value? $1,500 isn’t bad to keep an otherwise dependable car on the road. If you sell it as is, what you can get for it? How much can you spend on another used car? How will you know your new used car won’t have a bad head gasket, or bad transmission, or bad something else?

If everything else on the TC is OK, then I’d fix it. If it has been falling apart and this is one of many repairs recently then it is time to let it go.

Bottom line is you have a decision to make, and only you have all the info needed to make it.