Chrysler sebring 05 RPM Problems

Ok, So when i put it in park or neutral the RPM’s are in the 2000, but when i put it in drive or reverse, it jumps down to 1000 and stays steady in that area. it has 95k miles on it and so far this is the only issue i’ve had. the engine check light is also on. anyone know what the problem is?

Some parts stores will plug a code reader into your vehicle and pull the codes for free. Before anyone can guess what the problem is you have to find out what code(s) the computer has stored.


It would be normal for the RPM to drop down to around 1000 from 2000, but you do need to see why it is running 2000. Might be a vacuum leak.

thanks guys. i have also noticed that my front engine fans are not running

The fans won’t run until the temp gets up or when tne A/C is turned on. If they don;t work, there is a temp sensor that might be bad or the fans might be bad, but I doubt if both would be bad at the same time, and there should be a fuse for the fans.

ok that makes sense :smiley: so the RPM deal…my be a vacuum leak? how much would that cost to fix you think. also iv been having water enter my car from the driver side, under the steering wheel. its getting pretty bad. what could be the problem with that?

If you have a leaky vac hose, it should be cheap. If it is a manifold gasket, it won’t be cheap.

The water problem could be caused by the AC evaporator hole being plugged up. This is a common problem & is usually fairly easy to fix. It could also be the airvent routing ducts are plugged with leaves and not allowing rain water to leak out to the outside, and instead is backing up inside the car. If it happens more when you run the AC, then it is the evaporator. If it happens more when it is raining, it is the airvent ducting. In either case, this is usually inexpensive for a mechanic to fix if you don’t want to get the repair manual for how to do it, and do it yourself.