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Chrysler/Fiat: Don't Use Your Cruise Control


And they recommend “Shifting into park would cancel the cruise”. WOW. and break your transmission.

Bill, the article later gives the procedure: put the vehicle in neutral, stop it, then put the transmission in park. Good PSA, @tester. I first saw it about a month ago. It’s a software issue, and the fix requires no parts.

That hasn’t been a thing for 20+ years now. Electronically controlled automatics have safeguards in place that will not allow the transmission to shift into park if the vehicle is going more than 20 MPH or so. I once demonstrated this to a friend who didn’t believe me. It was in my 1995 Bronco, which was going in for a transmission rebuild anyway ( Hard shifting, torque converter shudder, etc. Previous owner never changed the transmission fluid apparently). We were doing about 50 MPH, the transmission was in top gear. We get into an discussion about transmissions, I bring up that on electronically controlled automatics (at least the ones I’m familiar with) that nothing will happen if you shift into park at highway speeds, he maintain that the wheels will certainly lock up and/or the transmission will fail spectacularly. So I threw it into Park, and nothing happened at all, there was no gear change. I was even able to envoke a downshift by giving it more gas. Basically it performed exactly the same as had I left it in Drive. I then put in back in drive and told my friend that he didn’t know what he was talking about.