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Chrysler 2009 Minivan Doors Opening While Driving

Has anyone had the experience of their motorized side doors and rear hatch opening while driving?

Whether anyone else has experienced this or not, you need to report this to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) via their website. If there are multiple reports of the same defect, it can result in a government-mandated recall of these vehicles.

These would be the powered side doors and rear hatch. There are times when the doors are closed (using the power button inside the the car, using the handle or the key fob) and after a few moments, they reopen. They have also opened while it is in drive and the car is moving. I haven’t talked to the dealer yet because I want some info first because I suspect they will think I’m crazy and how do you prove it has happened! It HAS happened, 3 times while driving, and at least six times while the car is parked and the ignition is off. The first time it was the hatch. We had a snowstorm and in the morning I found the hatch open and my car inundated with snow, I blamed my wife for leaving the hatch open, ( that almost led to a divorce) now I know it must have been one of those times because I have witnessed it myself. The car was only a couple of months old at the time, it currently has only 4000 miles on it.

I do understand that you meant the powered side doors and rear hatch.
That type of problem does represent a safety hazard, so I stand by my suggestion that you report this situation to NHTSA, in addition to taking the car to the dealership.

If the dealership is not helpful, then you should contact Chrysler corporate (contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual), inform them that you have notified NHTSA, and firmly but politely state that you expect this problem to be rectified.

One possibility that you should consider regarding the opening of the hatch when the car is parked:
Is it possible that the fob was accidentally activated by pressure on the buttons while it was contained in a purse or a pocket?

Thank you for your suggestion to contact the NHTSA. I will do that. As for the fob being inadvertently activated, I did consider this also. Yesterday about a half hour after arriving at work one of my coworkers came in and said my side door was open and I thought he was joking (I told him of previous instances) I went to the parking lot, leaving my fob in my coat pocket inside the building and I used the button inside the side door to close it. It closed and then opened again. When driving the fob was in the ignition. Thanks again for your help.

Take it to the dealership and atleast get it recorded on their end that this problem is occurring. If they can’t find anything wrong, get them to put it in writing and be on your way. If it happens again, take it back to the shop. I believe most states have a 3 attempt grace period before one can declare lemon law(assuming you bought this vehicle new)

I also would suspect the key fob as the most likely suspect to cause this trouble (very bad). I would remove the battery to the suspect fob so it will have no possibility of causing the trouble. I assume you have a second fob available to use.