Choosing tires for 2012 Toyota Prius c

What type size/type/manufacturer of replacement tires should I get for my 2012Toyota Prius C?

Size: As listed on your door jam.
Type: depends on your driving conditions. Desert Southwest you can go with a quiet tire with high temperature rating. Southwest-wet traction. Northern states you might get by with an all season tire.
Brand: Go to look for tires that fir your needs, then you can see a list of brands.

Thanks for the answer. Was reading Cartalk article in today’s local paper and it said to be certain you get “low-rolling-resistance” tires. Was wondering how you identify that specific type of tire?

Any tire shop can answer that for you and Low rolling resistance tires are not mandatory but give better fuel mileage .

Tire rack lists low rolling resistsnce tires in their list of tire models. This car has them from the factory and your fuel mileage will get worse if you buy regular tires.