Choosing a car for driving in Wisconsin

Subaru Outback or Equinox for Wisconsin driving

Nah, Bentley Bentayga all the way!

This is as good an answer as I can give given the severe lack of info on the post. Want to add a bit more info so we can advise?


They drive all kinds of cars in Wisconsin so take your pick. But might want to add a boat and a snow mobile while you’re at it.

I’m thinking just about anything with working heat, A/C, good tires, and a set of snow tires.

The Subaru AWD system tested out better than Honda and Toyota for uphill snow traction in Consumer Reports a couple years ago. Other manufacturers were not included; if I recall correctly, they were testing small SUVs like Forester, CRV and RAV 4.

I have lived my life in WI and MN, and would put this factor on my list of criteria, but many other features of a vehicle are more important more often in winter. For example, how are the headlights at night? The IIHS has ratings. Does it come with all-season tires, and how well do those tires rate for snow and ice traction? CR and have test results. Some people have commented favorably on heated seats and steering wheel but I have never had them and do not feel deprived.

New or used? Do you want AWD or is 2WD acceptable? You can save a lot if you have a 2WD Equinox instead of an AWD one.

The Equinox is probably more comfortable. I find Subaru’s to be uncomfortable on my taller than average frame.

I vote for nox. I have 1 for sale too. And I live in MN. I live on a hill too.

If you are looking at new, disregard this. If you are looking at 2010 - 2013 Equinoxes with the 2.4 DI 4 cyl engine do a search on. The problem was supposed to have been fixed by 2013, but I got a bad one.

“Equinox oil consumption”

The 2.4 4 cylinder engine with Direct Injection has issues with premature piston ring wear causing increased oil consumption. I have a 2013 Equinox, the pistons, rings and a timing chain were replaced at 42k miles when the dealer determined it was using a quart/1500 miles. It has 71k miles now and is doing fine. I do like the Equinox and intend to drive it till the wheels fall off, but I would be very leery of buying one used without knowing its history.

Ed B.

You can get more beer and cheese into an Equinox so…