Choking Ford F150

I have a 1990, F150, Ford, 302 cu. in. V8. It seems to be stuggling for air after it is started sometimes and sometimes not. After warming up it generally stops. Has new air filter, fuel filter, plugs, distributor, and air sensor. It is getting fuel. Any idea what is causing it?

You might want to conduct a simple test to determine if there’s a problem with the ignition module.

Carry an extra sparkplug in the vehicle. The next time the engine stalls, get out, open the hood, remove one of the sparkplug wires from a sparkplug and insert the extra sparkplug into the end of the wire. Lay the sparkplug on the engine so it’s grounded. Now try cranking the engine over. The spark on the end of the sparkplug should be bright blue in color. If it’s more of a yellow color or nonexistant, the problem could be with the ignition module.


To be assured of good grounding, you can get the test spark plugs with a built-on grounding clamp. Without a positive ground, a good ignition system won’t spark the plug. Also, there are (cheap) spark testers, with adjustable gap, that have a grounding clamp. // A spark test is a good first test whenever an engine won’t start (if it cranks normally).