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Chirping when switching vents

So I just got a 2014 Corolla. Everything is great except whenever I change vents from floor to dash or similar, it tweets like a bird a few times and stops. It also does it randomly sometimes after I turn off the engine. Ventilation works great, just wondering if this noise is anything to be concerned about. Is this normal? Anybody else hearing noises?



The ventilation system is controlled by a series of flaps that switch the air flow around, from heated to outside air, for example.

They are usually driven by small motors driving nylon gears that drive cranks to move the flaps. Sometimes the gears get stripped, ie, the teeth broken off for part of the gear. This could be what is making the noise as the intact gear rubs against the broken one.

It won’t get better by itself, but repair will be expensive, as you have to take the dash apart.

Vehicles typically operate using one of three methods for engaging things related to climate controls. Physical linkage (ie cable, which my 06 Corolla uses), electrically (motors), or via vacuum/air. While I find it hard to believe, perhaps your system is using vacuum. This would make sense (to me at least), that it makes the noise when the engine shuts down, so maybe a lack of vacuum might be the problem.

Call or stop by the dealer to see if this can be covered under warranty.

Nothing like that has every happened on my own Corolla, but when my truck did that, it was some leaves and twigs had made their way to the blower cage. Any change in the airflow pattern allowed them to move forward & bump up against the turning cage, which presumably then threw the stuff back enough resulting in just a short chirp or tweet sound. I originally thought the problem was the blower motor or cage bearing. The truck’s blower motor/cage is easy to remove, and when I removed it I noticed the debris, so I just shop-vac’d out all the twigs & stuff inside the blower housing, which solved the problem.

Do you have digital or non digital climate controls (do you have an electronic display on the climate controls)? Do all the zones function properly and are they slow to change?