Chinese drywall in my garage - a problem?

Has anyone found electrical problems in cars garaged in a house built with Chinese drywall ?

This might also include fabric problems, and air filter problems, among other possibilities.

Could the Chinese drywall issue be over played? I’m anti Communist China… to a fault. But the drywall seems to be blamed for crop failures and droughts along with the smell. I’m waiting for a really solid, logical chemical explanation for the claims against the drywall. If the mere proximity to that junk corrodes copper pipes and wiring what is it doing to homeowner’s lungs? Should Orkin and Terminix sue the drywall distributors for killing off all the pests and putting them out of business?

Yes, people have found electical problems wih cars garaged in houses built with Chinese drywall.

But it had absolutely nothing to do with the drywall. Drywall cannot cause car problems unless it falls on the car. Then it on;y causes dents and scratches.

Chances are, the fabric in your car was made in China too, so they should be compatible…

The Chinese drywall has a high sulfer content that gasses off and corrodes whatever is there. In a garage it would be diluted each time the garage doors open, but accumulates more inside a closed house.

Have you experienced eye irritation, sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea and headaches? If not, I’ll bet your car is OK, too.

Does it smell funny?

If not, it is will not cause any problems.

Some, but not all, drywall from China has been producing hydrogen sulfide, which causes corrosion, which causes electrical problems.

It also smells like farts, so it shouldn’t be tough to detect.