Chevy volt

how much do the chevy volt cost.

That information can be obtained from your local dealer.

So far the Volt sales are below GM’s projections and expectations. Suspect the price is a bit high. It would be a blow to GM to offer incentives on such a new model. They are backing off production schedules and starting to ramp up advertising and promotion of the Volt. I think GM hoped that the pre-production hype would mean little need to advertise the Volt, but that didn’t work out.

Just checked Volt on Chevrolet web site. MSRP starts at $40K but they quote $32,500 assuming the buyer will qualify for the full $7,500 federal tax credit. So you have to spend $40K+ to buy it and wait for your tax return is filed for the tax credit.

I think that “Volt” is not a very creative name for a car. I know that it has an electric motor that propels the car, but I think a better name could have been used. After all, all cars have a battery, an alternator to recharge the battery, and an electric motor to start the engine. I suppose if the “Volt” catches on, Buick will have an upscale version in its lineup called the “Amp”. Actually, with its regenerative braking, Chevrolet should have named this car the “Ohm”.
GM has borrowed terms from chemistry to name its product–how about the Saturn Ion and the Chevrolet Cobalt? The Corvair with its unstable handling in the wind should have been named “Sodium”–a very unstable element. Chrysler corporation had the Dodge and Plymouth Neons. Neon is an inert element that doesn’t react–probably a suitable name for these cars.

I think that for the marketing folks “Ohm” might sound a little too much like “Ummm…?” That’s probably accurate, but honesty is not how you get ahead in marketing.

How 'bout the Cadillac Joule?

“Volt” may not be creative, but from a marketing standpoint, it is succinctly identifiable and marketable. In terms of communicating what the car is all about, you could call it genius, if it wasn’t so obvious. You might be able to come up with something more creative, but I challenge you to come up with something as effective and memorable.

I challenge you to come up with something as effective and memorable.

The Chevy Sex.

Of course, if you were a Spanish speaker when the Nova came out, that’s pretty memorable. But probably not in quite the right way.

You would only get this one if you know something about Megadeth, but another honest one might have been the Chevy Peace - and then they could use the Megadeth song for their ads. (For those of you who don’t know, the song was “Peace Sells but Who’s Buying” - as Dave Mustaine put it, its about something everyone professes to want, but no one is willing to put up anything for it).

We could have called it the “Chevy Bocephus” too, but do either of those names say “electric car?”

Perhaps they should have called it the Maxwell…

Whitey, cigroller, and the same mountainbike–I think you all have the creativity for GM’s marketing department. I like your names better than “Volt”.

I’m now on Bocephus for sure.

But contra Whitey, I can’t figure out why the Chevy Sex wouldn’t suggest “electric” - then you just make sure it has a really roomy back seat.

Um…those of us who go back to the days of Jack Benny may recall that “Maxwell” has already been used…

Volt starts out at 40k, Prius starts at 22k. Now figure out why they aren’t selling very many

I don’t think that Chevrolet wants to sell many Volts. They want to lease them. The original lease deals were better than the sales price. Chevy even said they preferred leasing them. Then they put their money where their mouths were.

Mountainbike: If they called it the Maxwell, they would have to convince everyone that it was a “good Maxwell”.

GM was betting gasoline would be selling for $6.50/gallon now when they approved the Volt for production 4 or 5 years ago…$3.50 a gallon gasoline simply does not provide the necessary motivation to make the Volt a success…

The volt is a unit of measure for potential. Seems appropriate.
Perhaps they should have called it “Whatt?” (sic)

And the Maxwell is a measure of magnetic flux density. Unless used in the same sentence as Jack Benny.

I dunno, there’s just something I like about the name.