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Chevy Volt Batt replacement cost?

What is the cost of Chevy Volt Batt replacement on Gen1?


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It’s a lot of money and that’s just a rough estimate! :money_mouth_face:

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A 3 battery packs run $11,000 for just the battery. Labor is extra. The cars themselves are not worth that much used at 8 years and 100k miles which is when the battery warranty ends.

I was at a Dealership (not Chevy) and one salesperson at the dealership said $32k and discouraged getting a Volt (he appeared searching his website) - after leaving the place, I had second thoughts and checked around - could not find the answer. Chevy dealer wanted me to call tomorrow.

Would the 3 pack makes it complete replacement?

Complete except for the 12v starter battery. Considering the Volt is discontinued, you can’t get one unless it is a leftover. Are you sure you aren’t confusing the Volt with the all electric Bolt.

Negative for Bolt

12V batt must be cheap, right?
Would the labor cost $1k?

The 12v battery might not be cheap… don’t know.

Labor $1000??? I doubt it would be that cheap to extract 3 battery packs. Why not research this by talking to a service writer at Chevy instead of a salesman for the price?

Were closed today, Sunday

The complete battery assembly is $9100, 4.1 hours labor.
The 3 battery cell units can be serviced separately, 6.6 hours labor.

Special shipping charges apply to battery assemblies. Add diagnostic fees and sales tax to the repair cost.


Why “3 battery cell units” needs more labor than complete battery?
Do u have a ballpark $?

There is more labor to replace the cell units because the battery assembly must be disassembled. As mentioned earlier, the cost of three cell units is $11000.

I meant including labor?

Multiply 6.6 by the shops hourly rate. If your Chevrolet dealer charges $150 per hour the labor would be $990, plus an hour of diagnostic time.

sounds like you drive the Chevy Volt until the battery fails, at which point you get rid of the car

I got a bit more creative with my search today and got this extensive article:


Do you really expect someone to read the lengthy article ?

It would be a very bad decision to buy a used Volt that needed a battery. Are you trying to understand the ‘what if’ case where the battery dies some time after you buy it? Simple solution: don’t buy a used Volt.

Yeah ‘what if’ case

It looks like over 100k mileage might trigger a $11k expense

We dealt with engine or Auto tranny change in combustion cars - it got cheaper. Batteries are not that - and can not have used battery.