Chevy transmissions

I have a 92 chevy van that I was driving and accidently threw it into park doing about 20 mph. ouch! Needless to say it wont go into reverse at all and has a hard time shifting while in drive. I was told that i probably wouldnt have to get another tranny that i could possibly get away with just fixing the gears. Is this true or will I have to just replace the whole tranny? What would you suggest I do?

For that age of vehicle I go with a salvage yard transmission or better yet one prom a private party. It is to old to justify paying someone to overhaul it and that is a better way to describe “fixing the gears”.

Agree; an overhaul of this transmission will cost way more than the car is worth. A friend of mine junked an otherwise good Mazda 626 because he lost a gear on the transmission; they quoted him $3600 to fix it!

A unit from a low mileage wreck would be worthwhile IF the rest of your car is OK.

Thanks for your advice. I think I will just get a used tranny from a junkyard. Thanks again!

How in the world did you accidently hit “P” from “D” at 20MPH??? After going to “P” you should have heard ratcheting sounds as the park pawl skips over the detents in the park gear. It would only latch when the vehicle slows down enough to sink the pawl. Theres probably some damage in the input drum and front planet/sun gears. I agree with the salvage yard trans.