Chevy tahoe help pleaseeee!

my Tahoe keeps burning up transmission I put them in and drive it around and itll go out the fluid gets black and burnt. ive replaced the computer and that didn’t do a thing. the cooler isn’t clogged I was thinking maybe adding on a extra cooler any ideas??

How many miles do you get per transmission? How many miles or months before the fluid goes black and burnt? Are you towing, if so what and where?

While the cooler may not be “clogged” perhaps a line to or from the cooler is kinked? I’d replace the cooler, and add a higher capacity cooler and replace all the lines from the transmission to and from the cooler.

You are getting excessive heat. The heat is coming from somewhere. The cooler is defective, the lines aren’t moving the fluid effectively, there is a severe load on the transmission, or the transmission is trying to engage more than one gear at the same time causing internal friction and breaking down the fluid and bands etc.

What you are experiencing isn’t normal, so there must be one of the above factors tearing up your transmission.

Any towing going on and are you replacing them with remanufactured or used ones? Just offhand, I don’t think an add-on fluid cooler will accomplish much in this case.

I normally get around 10 miles not towing anything. ive replaced factory cooler and lines but one line looks like it has a little kink in it but I don’t think its enough to affect it

How many transmissions are you willing to go thru before you replace a line that is less than perfect?


Are you towing something?

Are you using the correct Dexron ATF

What model year?
What engine?
What transmission?

ive replaced the lines. its a 99 has 5.7 with 4l60e 156000

and im using dextron 3