Chevy Tahoe Airbag Light

My 07 Chevy Tahoe is now in France and the mechanic is saying that the code 00012 and 00013 is showing for driver side airbag. My book shows those codes for passenger side airbag. He tried disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes and reconnecting with the wires, etc. Never in an accident, only has 200 miles on it. I am so confused. I am across the pond and cannot suggest anything without being able to have my mechanic here look at it.

It is a good chance the connecting wires/plugs are not making good contact.

I agree with JEM. Hardly anything ever goes wrong with airbags aside from loose corroded connections.

If you have front side airbags, check under both seats.

I found one problem with mine is the drivers seat is constantly repositioned whenever my wife or myself drive. The forward and back movements loosen the connections.

Just for giggles, have him (or yourself) slide the drivers seat ahead and see if the light flickers or goes out.

When the culprit is found disconnect the wiring, spray electrical contact cleaner in and on the pins (and pin holes), apply a little dielectric grease at the backend of the pins before reattaching.

Don’t forget when the warning light is on, the airbags are inoperative.